POLY / Polychrome Photography Marvels

Cairo, Egypt. / For Eden Solutions


Daniel Kaldas - Art direction

Dunia Islam - Photography

Karim Wafik - Production

Art direction + Marketing + Photography .

The project embarked on a mesmerizing endeavor, intertwining the realms of photography and artist. It delved into the ethereal world of paintings, extracting their vibrant hues through the delicate art of color sampling.

By synchronizing this spectral dance with the harmonious Philips Hue lighting, a surreal tapestry of visual poetry unfolded. Through the alchemy of computer vision, dominant colors were transmuted into luminary symphonies, embracing photographers in a divine aura of inspiration.

These luminous presets meticulously recreated the very essence of revered artworks, allowing to capture the intangible emotions and transcendental narratives they beheld. This fusion of art and technology became a bridge between realms, inviting creatives to embark on a transcendental journey, where the brushstrokes of great masters whispered their secrets to the eye of the camera.